CancerHelp® Learning Programs for iPad

The CancerHelp Learning Programs for iPad bring cancer patient education to your patients with our unique subscription program. The Learning Programs for iPad engage your patients and their caregivers helping them learn more to better cope with their cancer. The CancerHelp Institute also has options you can order for your iPad including a portable case, desktop stand, or rolling cart with extender arm for iPad.  Learn More.

CancerHelp Online – Custom Websites for Patient Education.

The CancerHelp Institute now develops custom websites for patient education for subscribing cancer centers, hospitals and clinics. As an official licensee of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) patient education information, the CancerHelp Institute brings this wealth of trusted information to your patients and family members 24/7. The CancerHelp custom websites are mobile friendly, meaning the site content looks great on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Users can download any of NCI's patient education publications in PDF format with the most popular titles in EPub and Kindle formats as well. Call us to have a webinar tour and to register for a free demo for your cancer center location.

CancerHelp's Learning Programs for iPad.

The CancerHelp Institute introduces the Learning Programs for iPad series of iPad patient education. With engaging learning modules and reliable content from the National Cancer Institute, the CancerHelp Learning Programs provide trusted education tools for cancer centers and oncology clinics. Each Learning Program targets a specific learning need. For example the CancerHelp Learn More About Chemotherapy Learning Program for iPad is targeted for patients who are about to receive chemotherapy or are already receiving it. It can be used in chemotherapy infusion centers to make an easy-to-administer learning tool. Our CancerHelp Learn More About Eating Hints helps provide patients and caregivers who want to learn about eating problems and cancer nutrition with a solid background of patient education information.  Learn More

CancerHelp® is the easy-to-use touchscreen program with trusted information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

We're passionate about helping cancer patients learn more and do better with their cancer. We've been doing this 

for over 20 years and during that time we've learned some very valuable things about how best to help cancer patients. First we make things simple, from choices on screen to large buttons that are easy to press with the touchscreen, we know how to design a learning environment that helps your patients get the answers they need today to better cope.

The CancerHelp Desk Kiosk or your Own Tabletop with Touchscreen Helps Create the Right Learning Environment for your Patients

The CancerHelp Learning Kiosk provides the perfect way for patients to learn. Custom designed for patients to sit and wheelchair accessible. The Desktop Audio Station® lets patients choose to use headphones or the speakers built into the touchscreen.


The backlit sign on top and 11 x 17 side poster frames allow you to customize your message to your patients and caregivers or use our posters to encourage patients to walk up and touch the screen to get started.

CancerHelp Learning Cart – Giving Easy Access to Learning for Patients and Caregivers During Chemotherapy

 Nurse testing the CancerHelp Learning Cart at Kaiser Permanente San Diego.